Ampcus helps organizations to successfully handle their application portfolio by custom-made solutions. We empower our consumers with life changing value by using our successful implementation strategies and industry best procedures to generate change-the-business, run-the-business and cross-functional IT solutions.
Our teams are reliable for enhancing major business oriented software application products as well as web applications. We provide more trustworthy software in a short time which allows you to obtain best scenario outcomes even when you don’t have any specifications or when your requirements start getting imprecise and change often.

Ampcus offers the following strategy and delivery services for open source:

OS / Platform Management:

At Ampcus, OS management tremendously enhances the trustworthiness, security, and functionality of your infrastructure. By using our OS management strategy, you obtain strong comprehension of Linux as well as Windows Server operating systems. Our support ensures that your complex environment has a rock-solid program to solidly operate your applications.

Database Management:

Our industry experts continuously check, manage and make certain ideal effectiveness of the database setting and functionality for your business. Through Ampcus Data base management, customer benefits from higher productivity and lowered expense of database management. Our services assist a wide array of technological innovation such as Oracle E-Business Stack, Oracle, SAP DBA, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, SQL Server and Database Applications.

App Integration & Management:

Our plug-in solutions are extracted from years of cross-industry expertise and technology experience. Extremely scalable as well as centered on new platforms like the cloud and virtual servers, they could be quickly tailored for future specifications. All our application integrated solutions are designed in-house and supported by intensive effort with our clients and software vendors.

Key Points:

  • Installation and settings of your application infrastructure
  • Design and execution of server back-up as well as recovery
  • Application support level agreements
  • 24×7 checking and management

Application Maintenance & Support:

Ampcus assists IT leaders to maintain and manage their application setting through the lowering of trash, proactive difficulty management and a business in-line operating model intended to provide agility and adaptability in order to meet their altering requirements. We offer Application Maintenance Solutions on Oracle, ERP, SAPJD, Edwards, Mobile Apps, PeopleSoft and Microsoft Dynamics for its worldwide clients etc.

Software Installation:

In addition to setting up and configuring your data management solutions, our expertise team provides a Post Installation Summary Document consisting of implementation details and ideal settings parameters. Ampcus helped several clients – from independent software vendors to enterprise IT developers – implement an application installer which fulfills both company needs and industry best practices.

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