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How prepared are you to address the Supply Chain and
Information Security Threats in your organization?

Organizations continue to optimize their supply chains by acquiring third-party products and services that enable better performance in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Knowing who you conduct business with, what critical business processes they support, where the support is executed, how that support is delivered across your supply chain, and when that support materially changes is more than just good business practice – it is smart compliance and risk management.

Regulatory guidance requires that an organization’s Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) and/or Vendor Risk Management (VRM) program be risk-focused and provide oversight and controls commensurate with the level of risk presented by the organization’s outsourcing arrangements and reliance on third parties.

Ampcus provides a suite of TPRM-VRM services to analyze
and control risks impacting your organization, your data, your operations and your reputation.

  • Governance and Policy Development services guide your organization through the various risk, regulatory and audit requirements; validate your organization’s risk appetite and TPRMVRM program components; and identify/implement critical improvements so you have peace of mind knowing your TPRM/VRM program is compliant and effectively managed.
  • Maturity Assessments, Training and Awareness services validate the relative maturity of your organization’s TPRM-VRM program, including ongoing stakeholder training and awareness, and help your organization identify material gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • Pre-Acquisition Risk Assessment services determine inherent risks associated with your impacted processes prior to vendor selection and contract execution, evaluate vendor third/fourth party controls to mitigate the risks, identify issues, negotiate issue remediation plans and exit strategy, draft contract language, and provide an objective view of residual risks and severity of risk exposure to inform management.
  • Issue Identification and Remediation services provide awareness of third/fourth party issues and material changes, validate severity, facilitate risk mitigation and issue remediation, monitor resolution status, and confirm adequate closure.
  • Periodic Risk Assessment services ensure your third party is compliant throughout the life of the relationship, based on the current scope of work and contractual terms, regulatory guidelines, risk landscape, and effectiveness of third/fourth party controls.
  • 3rd and 4th Party Monitoring/Reporting services identify changes and threats before they cause loss or damage to your organization, its sensitive data and reputation ensuring a comprehensive, compliant and appropriately documented TPRM-VRM program. Our cognitive analytics and use of leading TPRM systems help your organization to anticipate and proactively manage risks by effectively monitoring critical vendors, contracts, internal and external threats, and regulatory changes.

Regulatory standards hold companies responsible for the actions of their business partners
and vendors and require effective third-party due diligence.

An effective TPRM/VRM program addresses the changing regulatory landscape while making your business more secure. This means understanding which regulatory mandates apply to your organization, the terms of those regulatory mandates (existing, pending), the impact on your current TPRM-VRM program, and the critical changes needed to achieve compliance. It also means efficiently identifying and monitoring known and emerging third-party risks while improving transparency in controls and related activities.

The Ampcus TPRM team understands supply chain risk and how to manage it. Many of our advisors led risk management programs within commercial and government organizations – transforming them to meet evolving regulatory mandates; overseeing them to meet safety and soundness requirements; and guiding them to anticipate and effectively respond to emerging threats and issues, management and audit opinions, operational challenges, and scare resources.
Ampcus is ready to help your organization implement or strengthen its TPRM-VRM program to protect the business and remain compliant in an increasingly dynamic and complex global environment.

Leadership and board members have increasingly held accountable
for their organization’s supply chain-related breaches.

A 2016 industry survey by Shared Assessments, a leading Third Party Risk Management industry group, showed that companies have improved their ability to manage third-party risks-but significant gaps remain. Key findings identified:

  • Third party risk is considered serious and is increasing.
  • Third party risk is increasing because of a changing threat landscape.
  • Cyber attacks and the IoT are expected to have the most significant impact on an organization’s third party risk profile.
  • The consequences of not managing third party risk can be costly.
  • Third party risk management programs are mostly informal and not effective.
  • The lack of formal programs affects the ability to mitigate third party risk.

Ampcus’ holistic solutions prepare you to effectively
address the Supply Chain and Information Security Threats in your organization.

Our Cyber Advisory services enable your organization to identify, assess, mitigate and respond to the gamut of internal and external security threats.

Our certified Risk & Compliance services deliver proven solutions to your organization, enabling safety and soundness within a constantly changing threat environment

Our Security Testing services provide preventive and detective identification of threats, vulnerabilities and breaches across the full range of your company’s information and other protected assets.

Our Managed Security Testing services give you peace of mind in knowing your organization is protected by best state-ofthe-art technology and highly trained and specialized professionals who understand the dynamic threat landscape and how to effectively manage it.

Our Cognitive Analytics and AI services help your organization to maintain a more preventative risk position by applying cognitive capabilities (data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing) to process massive data sources that more effectively identify fraudulent activity, breaches, and indicators of unknown risks.

Why Ampcus for your TPRM-VRM, Security and Compliance needs?

Ampcus specializes in Third Party Risk Management-Vendor Risk Management, Cyber Security, Big Data, BI-Predictive-Cognitive Analytics, Digital Transformation, Infrastructure Management, DevOps and Agile Development. We have partnerships with over 50 technology providers, and our certifications include ISO 9001:2015; ISO/IEC 27001:2013; ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011; CMMI DEV/3; and CMMI SVC/3. We are passionate about working collaboratively with our customers to deliver high-quality, value-driven services, and are committed to our customers’ success.

Ampcus provides a “one-stop” service to meet the breath
of your most challenging and dynamic TPRM-VRM needs.

  • Specialist Third Party Risk Management and Information Security Services Company.
  • PCI QSA Certified.
  • SWIFT CSP-listed Security Service Provider.
  • Shared Assessments (SFG) Company.

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