Ampcus Inc. IT consultants provides high-performance engineering solutions which include the concepts of sustainable advancement through empowered methods who come from the industry. We are recognized for our light organizational structure in which our capabilities to deliver engineering services in all professions for all the project stages.

How Ampcus Works

Ampcus initially determine the project or task that needs the expertise of the consultant. This involves:

  • Explaining the purpose, goals, and requirements of the project.
  • Defining a project schedule.
  • Diagnosing potential issues.
  • Identifying project budgets as well as quotations.
  • Delivering the project information to the consumers, along with an invitation to send a proposal.

We are set up with the most up-to-date software program in which all our services are on level with those offered in the marketplace. Technically ideal, cost-effective and simply flexible designs are part of our job. Employees with sufficient abilities to develop ideas based on requirements are the central source of our standard assurance. Ampcus assists running companies to provide projects with the focus they need, to increase company pros and to deliver projects quickly as well as cost-effectively

Industry Activities

  • Mechanical and hydraulic consulting
  • Chemical engineering consulting
  • Pipeline engineering consulting
  • Electrical engineering consulting
  • Mining engineering consulting
  • Civil engineering consulting
  • Marine engineering consulting
  • Construction project consulting

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